How To Choose Essay Topic

Even the most talented student, at least once in life, has faced some difficulties with essay writing. The problem resides in a topic of your essay. Whether it is a narrative, a persuasive or a research piece, writing a really quality paper can be challenging if you don’t like your topic. Whether your college teacher gives you a specific topic or proposes to choose the theme you like and write your own musings on an issue, it corners you and makes puzzled.

If you were given the subject of the essay initially, you have no choice to write well researched paper, whether you like it or not. But let us talk about the situation when a student is given an option to select topic in sole discretion. Choosing topic for your essay paper is very responsible step; you shouldn’t neglect the importance of a right topic. In most cases it seems too difficult to choose the best one among various ideas or sometimes you have no idea what you are going to write about. Remember that you don’t have to waste a lot of time on choose a subject for the paper as there is a chance that you won’t write good piece before deadline. So here are some tips on how to choose the topic quickly and effectively.

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Follow These Tips

    • The freedom of choice provides you with the most essential benefit to choose the theme you know very well and experienced in. This is your chance to get high grade, and you should not miss it. The final variant of the paper must be of good quality so use the opportunity to show writing skills. Brainstorm and write down the nice list of potential topics of your essay.
    • After you have chosen 3-5 potential topics, ask yourself next questions: Are there any topics that have been talked about over and over again? Will you repeat the thoughts someone else has already said? Your topic must be of academic interest, first of all.
    • As it was mentioned herein before, don’t spend much time on selecting the theme. The best way to choose quickly is to use the method of exclusion. If you feel that you can’t explore the question fully, expand it, then exclude the topics you have great doubts about. Your essay mustn’t be very thin and low on content.
    • Sit down and go through each of the topic you have. If your task is to educate in the essay, make sure that you are well informed about the subject. If you have to persuade the readers, you should be passionate about the topic you are going to talk about. Before starting the paper writing process, you have to put the chosen topic and the type of paper you have to produce together. Don’t select too general topic, if you were not given a task to write an overview. As a rule, essay intends a student to write specific analysis. Consider carefully and try to narrow the chosen theme to one concrete and fairly specific subtopic.
    • Finally you have chosen the best theme for your essay and have enough time to write the paper. Before starting the writing process, try to formulate a preliminary thesis statement. It can be your tentative answer to the main idea of the paper and you are not obliged to stick to this statement, but it should help you to make investigation more focused and comprehensive.

Keep in mind that your topic should match the course unit and reveal an interesting question. Take your time to think about essay topic. Brainstorm again and do research. You should collect necessary material, some authoritative sources to make your essay more profound.