College Level Essays

Remember how many essays you wrote during your school years? Well, don’t relax just yet. If you want to be a successful college student you need to have very strong essay writing skills. Your school and your college essay papers will differ a lot. College essays come in different shapes and sizes. You will get to learn term-papers, research essays and many others forms of academic writing. From now on, you will need to write like a professional. But it is not like you were trained for that, right? Therefore, there are some things you need to memorize. It will all come with lots of practice you will have during next 4 years before you get a diploma. But it is not as complicated as it may occur at first. You just need to follow the steps below. Get a cup of tea or coffee and begin to read this post.

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Step #1.

Select your topic (unless it is already assigned). Write down the main points and begin working on your outline. Yes, it is a very important factor. Many students skip this step thinking that this is just a waste of their time. But in reality creating an outline saves a lot of time: it helps to see the direction in which you need to move, the most important thoughts are written down, and it helps not to forget essential things.

Now you can make a good research of materials. It can be facts, academic writings, and statistics. Rely on proven sources only. By the way, use libraries and Internet search.

Step #2.

Ok, it is about time for you to formulate a strong thesis statement. Thesis is meant to tell readers what you essays will be about. Locate the thesis sentence in the end of your introduction paragraph.

Step #3.

Write the introduction. It is sort of a preview of what is expected to see in your custom essays. In other words, it is a presentation. You need to explain to the reader two things: what you are arguing and how you are going to argue it.

Step #4.

Now you can proceed to creating a body of your essay paper. Each of the points has to be presented in separated paragraphs. By the way, include topic sentence in the beginning of each paragraph.

Hint*: Use citation to strengthen your argument. It will also make you look smarter in eyes of the reader. But before you actually do use citation in your papers, you should learn how to use it properly.

Step #5.

Writing a conclusion sometimes takes the most of students’ time, just like writing an introductory part. All you need to do is to write a short summery of an essay and tie it all back to one final argument. Remember: your conclusion is the most powerful part of the entire essay.

Ok, this should be it. Doesn’t sound too difficult, does it? No one is saying that you will start writing like a pro after reading this article. Nevertheless, you will definitely have a great plan of action. By the way, there is a good tip for beginners: let your friends and family help you out here. How can they do it? Let them read or read out loud for them your essay accomplishments. They might not be expert writers, but they are human beings who also read.

Don’t get upset if your essays in college will not be as you want them to be very soon. It takes a lot of practice to improve your writing. Just don’t give up and it will all work out just fine!