Expository Essay Writing

An expository essay is a specific type of essay that provides you a chance to explain certain subject to your reader. Its special feature is that the writer should not express his own ideas and opinion on the topic. On the contrary, if you write an expository essay, you should be as unbiased as possible and try to refrain from subjective statements. The majority of college professors consider professional expository essays writing to be a fairly easy type of assignment.

Nevertheless, it may be hard for an unprepared student to complete it flawlessly. If you have problems coming up with appropriate content for your essay, there are various writing methods you can use. It is possible to investigate the idea in general and give examples of its previous studies. You can also research the evidence and support or disprove the opinion of some scholar. However, it is obligatory to prove these statements. If you find form of the expository essay troublesome, you can compare, define, analyze or example the subject and its features. Remember that your writing should be clear and consistent so the reader can easily comprehend the information and navigate through the essay paper. The best way to achieve such result is to follow a certain structure.

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Expository Essay Writing Steps

  • First of all, you must define your thesis and place it in the beginning of your expository essay. It should provide the reader with a general idea of the essay and include a brief explanation of the topic. Moreover, try to frame you essay so each point you mention in the introduction can be later developed.

  • All parts of your essay must be logically connected to each other. At the same time make it so each paragraph bears its own sub-idea. This way you will avoid confusion and clutter of the points. Just define your lead sentence and support it with additional statements. It will be much easier to follow the train of thoughts for both you and the reader.

  • Remember to develop the subject consistently so introduction, main body and conclusion make sense and provide answers and statements regarding the key idea. Do not distract the reader with irrelevant information unless it has instant connection to your thesis. Through your writing, you must always circle around the main idea.

  • Whenever you include information relevant to your thesis, take time to provide evidence and examples. Find reliable resources, make a research or address an expert involved with the subject. However, you do not have to use all of the information you managed to find. Once the thesis is proved, you can stop. Otherwise, you may lose your key idea in countless explanations and confuse the reader.

  • When you come up to the conclusion, try to summarize everything you have learned during this research or briefly mention facts that might be new to your reader. A lot of students simply paraphrase their thesis, but you can try to present new questions your essay managed to introduce or answer. Remember to refrain from any new points in the conclusion paragraph though.

These are the basic tips for expository essay writing. Usually you will end up with five to six paragraphs: an introductory, several body paragraphs and a conclusion. Be attentive when your professor gives this assignment and note down each little detail. Some of them may have specific demands or requirements.

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