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Why Should I Rely On Service?

In order to guarantee the most professional and quality work, we monitor everything thoroughly. We have created a wide network of constant customers, whose demands were always satisfied. In addition, in a manner we provide a prompt support, which could become an important component for those, who want their order to be completed hastily. Your trust is essential for our prosperity, especially when you’re 100% assured in our professional approach to each of the client.

Why Is Essay Lab So Special? has a goal to always please its customers, that’s why for today we can suggest a very tempting offer: an academic writing service, which wouldn’t hit your pockets, since the cost of any paper varies within limits. Our administration representatives take under consideration different circumstances, which means in special cases you will be able to get your money back. That “special cases” refer only to the situations, when your research paper doesn’t meet your starting requests or demands.

What Is “Customer Support”?

Professional Essay Lab Customer Service Center allows:
  • Identifying your requests;
  • Leaving comments and remarks, which ask for the identity in order to increase a transmission process;
  • Mentioning special rules or other necessary records;
  • Submitting the order online, which goes directly to our server anytime you need;
  • Making a payment for the unpaid order ;
  • Renew the number of your order in case our sent email is deleted;
  • Request a citation of any format from our professional team of writers;
And so on and so forth…

What If I Have Questions About EssayLab

The importance of immediate correspondence is highly-valued among various online writing services, since a majority of clients hope for urgent help. EssayLab care a lot about customers’ time limits, therefore you’re always welcome to contact our constant Customer Care Center 24/7. We use Livechat, E-mail and Telephone for our communication – feel free to use any of those means.

Do The Prices Reflect The Quality Of Essays?

Absolutely, yes: we are responsible for the quality of every paper you pay for. Although, we do not intend to call our services cheap and least expensive among the other online custom writing websites, but our prices are completely affordable. Since we have to keep more than a few professional writers and other members of the administration, we are not able to lower the prices, even if we wanted to. However, when paying the order, you will automatically receive a guarantee for a perfect written paper, done with a professional approach by one of our MA or PhD writer. Don’t make a mistake by giving preference to less expensive companies, which are often unreliable and let their customers down.

Which Way Can I Pay?

The process of payment is quite easy: you can use any of your charge card, which has an option of Payment online (e.g. Debit cards online; PayPal etc).

Do You Offer Installments?

We do not deny this way of payment, but we do not recommend paying in installments for this number of reasons:
  • It can slow down the composition process.
  • It would be tough for the writers to arrange their planning, since they would be constantly waiting for each piece of your installments, which creates a whole mess in their schedule, accordingly it’s harder to follow the other clients’ requests.
  • There is always a chance the customer won’t pay off the whole amount of money, which leaves us with the written unpaid request.

Who Writes My Paper Works?

Companies, which specialize on customized writing, must have a team of proficient professional writers, who would guarantee the 100% quality and originality of papers. We have collected writers, who have already pursued Master’s Degree or hold PhD degrees. This way we ensure ourselves in the literacy of any completed work, as well as informative text and appropriate references. Citations are one of the most essential parts of the research, which requires access to various types of literature: we have provided an access to the best electronic resources, where Essay Lab writers will be able to examine tons of science books, articles and journals. A wide experience and creative approach to the task will be half of battle, no doubts. Our qualified staff is not low-graded and shoddy, see for yourself! line

It’s a win-win!

You no longer need to worry about your complicated academic writing! You can order everything here. Writing essays have never been easier!

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How Can I Contact My Writer?

EssayLab has taken a great care towards the communication between the writer and our clients. In order to meet all their expectations and satisfy their desires, we provide a confident message framework, which would be helpful for both the customer and the writer.

Can I Talk To My Writer?

Confidentiality is our priority, which refers for both clients and the authors as well. Thereby, unfortunately, you won’t have a chance to have live conversations with any of the writer. Indeed message framework is a great and effective alternative to that!

Is It Required To Give You Extra Data?

In most cases, the information, provided during filling out the order form is usually enough for the writer to create a general image of your desirable assignment. Nevertheless, we won’t deny situations, where the client would be asked to send copies of some hard accessible sources or any other pieces of information you would want us to include in the assignment.

How Should I Send You My Info?

There are several ways to send the necessary data. You can use any of those, according to which one suits you best. The most common and efficient ways remain e-mailing. If you made your own individual draft or found some good sources, which could be used in the work, you can always send them along with the request.

How Quality Is Your Term Papers or Theses?

The degree level, according to UK standards, is 2:1 and corresponds to the minimum G.P.A. standard of 3.0+ (US) and higher. Any final draft of paper assignment is delivered to the customer only after it’s being checked for the presence of grammatical, structural and spelling errors. Thereto, your writer will always take into account your wishes and remarks.

What If You Use Plagiarism?

The Company has never used strategies of unoriginal writing. When the composition is being completed, we always verify the work by running it through anti plagiarism programs and make sure it’s 100% originally written. The reason why you should be calm about us not using plagiarism is very simple: we will never put the authority of our company by practicing illegal means of writing, as well as we are not intended to expose our clients.

How Will I Get My Completed Order?

We have created a convenient source of communication between the author and our customer. With a great help of a customized control panel you get the opportunity to contact your writer, transmit any additional records, if you need to, as well as have the access to your past requests and, surely, receive the finished task.

What If It Doesn't Match My Initial Criteria?

We accept the possibility that the final draft might contain some parts you would want to change. In these special cases, our Company has created a Free Revision Service. Within a period of 15 days after receiving an essay, you have the opportunity to request the assignment to be edited and reconsidered according to your own remarks.

How Long Will You Write My Essay?

The due dates are different and you’re open for several options in order to choose the one which fits you best. Various types of research papers require different timing: 8-24 hours up to 14 days for an essay, term paper or coursework delivery or 60 days for a dissertation composing. Settle your time right so that we could finish the task before the deadline.

Do I Need To Calculate The Time Of Delivery?

Actually, there’s no need for calculating the exact time, when the work needs to be completed. The service provides the information about the amount of time left until your request is delivered. In case you want to count the time by yourself, here is the sample: For example, your request was 4 days from the time you’ve submitted the order (let it be Monday at 4:00 pm). Since the day equals 24 hours, 4 days mean 96 hours, respectively, the work must be finished on Thursday at 4:00 pm. So simple!

What If You Deliver My Work Later Than Requested?

Essay Lab tries its best to omit those circumstances, when the delivery has to be postponed, however if this happened, we provide a compensation or a markdown for a further request.

Do You Practice Reselling?

The Company would never utilize the products twice or more, we do not make exchanges or share papers with any other customized writing companies. A client is the only person, who gets and uses the paper for his own purposes.

Do You Offer Complete Non-Disclosure?

We never reveal any concrete personal information with any third party. Your privacy is our priority, which means no one from our administration has a right to disclose your data to someone else. We treat our customers with an extreme delicacy that is why be sure you won’t be uncovered. Personal data protection your primary right.

Where Are Your Writers From?

The Company keeps professionals from all over the world, primarily from the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Knowing English fluently is one of the main criteria to become an EssayLab essayist. English dialects are essential as well: we won’t make Americans write papers for Australian students, since there’s a difference between their languages. You can see that our approach to the work is very serious. line

It’s a win-win!

You no longer need to worry about your complicated academic writing! You can order everything here. Writing essays have never been easier!

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